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The international strategy of Poliarte Academy will be conducted according to the criteria and requirements expected on DPR 212/2005;

- to ensure a continuous offer of creatives , in post-secondary level, able to satisfy the demand from public and private labour market;

- to support the integration between the systems of education, training and work, with particular reference to creative vocational poles;

- to support measures for innovation and technology transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises;

- to disseminate the creative and technical knowledge and promote the orientation of young people and their families to words the design/artistic jobs;

The international strategy of the institute will aim therefore to promote the values and the objectives of the Institute in a wider perspective.

Therefore the strategy will be addressed to :

- Offer an international training;

- The involvement students in the educational activities of the Poliarte Academy;

- To develop activities of incoming of foreign students, teachers and staff;

- The involvement of teachers and staff in the activities of updating and improvement of the educational offer;

- to offer new methodology of learning (for example distance learning) to facilitate the international mobility

- To develop an international network of higher education institutions for improving the quality of the training.


The partners for the mobility activities Erasmus + will be chosen according to the training objectives of the Poliarte Academy.

Mobility for study’s Partners will be higher education institutions and mobility for internships’ partners will be companies active in the design/artistic sector. Partners will be chosen among companies that operate in economic context similar to

the Italian one, in order to allow the exchange of good practices. The working language will be English, in order to consolidate the students’ language skills. Therefore, the search and selection of partners will be mainly focused, but not exclusively, in the Southern Europe and the Western Balkans (in particular Croatia, Slovenia and Albania).

In Area extra UE the international strategy will be addressed to Far East and America.


Mobility actions, for study or training, will be mainly (but not exclusively) addressed to students attending short cycle classes.

Indeed, Article. 4 of DPCM 25/01/2008 says that Stage / internship can be done abroad. Therefore, the objectives of the mobility are:

- to allow students to realize part of their training in another country, to speak a foreign language, to be in contact with another culture, to strengthen their technical and language skills;

- to allow students to make a traineeship abroad, in order to improve their competences, to improve their language skills

and to increase their employability;

The Poliarte Academy will also organize mobility actions for the staff in order to exchange the best practices for the development of aquality-training offer.