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  • Accademia POLIARTE - Accademia di belle arti e design
  • Accademia POLIARTE - Accademia di belle arti e design
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    Campagna 2024/25

Bachelor course in
fashion | interior | product | visual

Two year course in
Filmmaking & Movie Director

Make your passion
your next job

Academy of Fine Arts and Design Poliarte offers to their students the opportunity to create a tailor-made education path based on their aspirations, interests and talents.

Professional teachers

The faculty is composed of national and international professionals, founders of design studios and companies, with a long and in-depth work experience, as well as proven educational skills.

Internships and real projects

There are two compulsory internship activities in the second and third year, as well as the inclusion in the educational path of real projects commissioned by companies and associations. Experiences aimed at training young professionals ready for the job market, facilitating the transition from the academic to the working world.

Interdisciplinary curriculum

Compulsory attendance, plus a strong balance between theory and practice. Theoretical, creative, and design activities are completed by those aimed at learning to collaborate, how to communicate and build relationships, as well as cross exercises within the different areas of design.

Job placement

Poliarte Academy possesses an employment rate of 98% within 2 years of completing studies. Thanks to the educational method developed on constant contact with the working reality, creativity and projecting represent the tools to respond to the endless changes and requests of the community.

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Accademia Poliarte

Three-year first-level Academic Diploma courses equivalent to a degree authorized by MIUR (Ministry of University and Research) with Ministerial Decree n. 623 of 05/08/2016


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