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About us

Accademia di Belle Arti e Design Poliarte is a design academy located in Ancona, Italy.

Since 1972 has promoted the culture of design and communication, positioning itself at the top of design institutions for notoriety, quality of teaching and strong relationships with the business world.

Poliarte's mission is to train design professionals, innovative protagonists in a constantly evolving world of work, through strong synergies and exchanges with the territory and its entrepreneurial network.

For Poliarte, design is not a static methodology, a preset style: instead, it is animated by a continuous drive to improve and evolve.

Design is creativity, study, experimentation, research, planning.

Innovative and professionalizing teaching tools, computer labs, photo studio, modeling room with 3d machines, video laboratory, auditorium, library, classrooms equipped with audiovisual teaching aids. 

Poliarte represent an excellence thanks to the principles that inspired the development of the training offer:

// professional profiles defined on the needs of the labor market

// cultural training associated with advanced and specialized lessons through the application of experimental techniques, active learning and updated software

// learning by doing: through continuous interaction with the world of business and professions, students work on real projects commissioned by private and public partners

The winning strategy realized by Poliarte is demonstrate by prizes and awards assigned to the Academy during its 50 years of activity: from the "Premio Fedrigoni", through the "Compasso d'oro, targa Giovani", "Riccione moda Italia", "Geometrie relazionali" awards "," Ex Eco","Tubism", "Easy Cooker", "Nicoletti Home Award" and "Febal Award".

Poliarte in numbers:

// 50 years of history

// 70 professional teachers from the world of work

// 4 Bachelor Degree courses in design, recognized by Italian Ministry of Education: Fashion, Graphic and web, Industrial, Interior

// about 5.000 students who have achieved the title of designer

// 50 new partner companies involved each year in curricular internships, work shops, thesis and research

// 50 academies, universities, institutions and research centers in partnership

Accademia Poliarte

Three-year first-level Academic Diploma courses equivalent to a degree authorized by MIUR (Ministry of University and Research) with Ministerial Decree n. 623 of 05/08/2016


Poliarte Politecnico delle arti SRL
P.IVA: 02089200428

Via Valle Miano, 41 ab
60125 Ancona