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Why we do it

Poliarte Academy is open to the world.

Since its foundation in 1972 it has promoted international mobility and created collaborations with foreignuniversities, academies, educational and cultural institutions.

Making available its creative skills and improving the experience of its students, building bridges of knowledge with partners, with the aim of mutual enrichment of knowledge and experiences.

The internationalization process and common exchange with European and non-European educational entities represent a vital and unique value in the enrichment of Poliarte and partners training methods, student experiences, and departments involved, with the main goal of cultural, social, professional, and linguisticdevelopment.



Erasmus+ is the European Union program to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

It aims to promote and support the mobility of students, teachers, and staff, through the opportunity to spend a period of study, internship, or work fully recognized and accredited in Europe as part of their educational path.

The mobility actions promoted by the Poliarte will mainly (though not exclusively) involve students enrolled in Bachelor courses, and will be carried out for study and internship purposes abroad.

Accordingly, the objectives of these mobilities will be:

// allow students to carry out part of their education in another language and connect with different cultures, to strengthen technical and cultural skills;

// allow students to carry out an internship abroad, to professionalize their profiles, and at the same time extend their language skills, improving their employability opportunities.


ECHE 2021/2027

Erasmus Policy Statement 2021/2027


What can we do together

Poliarte Academy has elaborated the following proposals for collaboration with foreign institutions:

// develop specific study programs: classes, courses, workshops, summer schools

// organize meetings, congresses, lectures, and cultural activities

// promote the mobility of teachers, researchers, and staff

// promote student mobility to access specific study programs offered by the partner

// participate in specific projects, Italian, European and non-European tenders 

// participate in national and / or international research programs

// exchange academic material, publications, and information

// issue of double, multiple, combined, or joint degrees

The academies, universities, and educational institutions in partnership with Poliarte can also take advantage of the following services dedicated to their students, teachers, and staff:

// dedicated conditions on enrollment fees and dedicated scholarships

// customized billing and payment agreements directed to students or the institution 

// dedicated services and a preferential channel from the moment of the initial request until the end of the course

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Accademia Poliarte

Three-year first-level Academic Diploma courses equivalent to a degree authorized by MIUR (Ministry of University and Research) with Ministerial Decree n. 623 of 05/08/2016


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