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Become a Product designer: Bachelor degree in Industrial design

  • 98% of graduates find a job within 2 years
  • Strong relationships with companies and studios
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum, learning by doing

Industrial Design course allows you to acquire the design method and the cultural and practical skills to successfully face the profession of product and service designer.

The Industrial Designer uses his knowledge to understand the needs and desires of consumers, designing aesthetically valid, functional and ergonomic products and services, which can be reproduced on a large scale or in small series. 

Industrial design can be placed in the technical and design offices of companies or become the owner of his own studio.


Who is it for?

The course is aimed at candidates with a high school diploma, driven by curiosity and the desire to transform their creativity into projects, products and services.

Professional Opportunities

  • Product designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • 3D Modeling Designer



3 years

Hours / Frequency:

1500 hours/full time

Total credits:




Title released

Bachelor degree in Industrial design, D.M. MIUR n. 623 del 5 agosto 2016

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TEACHING | Academic year 2023/2024

1° Year

Technical drawing I

Semiotics of art

Phenomenology of contemporary arts


History of design

Foreign language - English

Elements of morphology and dynamics of form

Design I

2° Year

Technology of new materials I

Model making and manufacture I

Graphic design

Digital modeling techniques - Computer 3D I

Design Management

Design II

Cinema and video history

Audiovisual techniques for the web

3° Year

Seminars interdisciplinary
Workshops III


Multimedia design

Model making and manufacture II

Individual thesis project

Elective activities III

Digital modeling techniques - Computer 3D II

Design III

Anatomy of the image

COURSE DIRECTOR | Sebastiano Cecarini

Sebastiano  Cecarini, Master degree in Architecture at Politecnico of Milan, registered at Ordine degli Architetti of Macerata.

Specialized in UI design at Domus Academy - Milan, Industrial Automation  at BIC Omega - Ancarano, Yacht Design at Poliarte - Ancona, Light Design at Accademia Belle Arti - Macerata.

He realized projects in residential architecture, interior design (houses, shops, show room, office, plus industrial design for following companies: Poltrona Frau, Tolentino;  Tastitalia, Castelfidardo;  Pershing e Itama, Mondolfo;  Wider Yacht, Castelvecchio; HSL, Trento; Gruppo Ferretti, Forlì.

He is Industrial design Bachelor course Director and since 2006 teacher at Accademia di Belle Arti e Design Poliarte.

He also develop interest in theater, dance, sculpture and sketching.

Discover the Academy

Discover the Academy

A life changing experience: invaluable methodological heritage built on real experiences, knowledge and vision, to become the driver of your professional career in design field

Course presentation PRODUCT AREA

Course presentation

Listen to the presentation of PRODUCT AREA course from the voice of the Director of the department Sebastiano Cecarini

Students projects PRODUCT AREA

EvoluZione - Realizzazione di PRODUCT AREA per i settori


Beauty Portable - Realizzazione di PRODUCT AREA per i settori

Beauty Portable

 BI-LINE - Realizzazione di PRODUCT AREA per i settori


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