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Why we do it

The founding element of Poliarte philosophy: connection and continuous exchange with the world of industry, commerce, services, schools and Universities/Academies.

A relationship of mutual interest that guarantees continuously updated and high-level trainings, offering talents to companies through research projects, internships, and job placements.

Poliarte gives companies the possibility of collaboration through a partnership, to enhance the culture of creativity and design. Creating transversal relationships between the academic world and the company ones, becoming part of the expanding network of Poliarte partners.

Design is seen as a strategic and transversal discipline, at the service of business and society, despite the field and the final purpose.

A multidisciplinary staff and young talents able of generating innovation, improving company performance, and fully achieve financial and social objectives.

What can we do together

// class thesis projects: assign a real project to an entire class of students. Guided by a multidisciplinary team of professional teachers, pupils will implement solutions on the given topic

// individual thesis projects: identify individual students to assign a project. The matter will be examined and developed as a topic for the final thesis discussion

// Design Factory projects: for the achievement of special projects, engage the specialized department formed of alumni, professionals, and the best current students

// internship, placement, and career day: evaluating student's portfolio and curriculum, selecting for an internship experience during the Bachelor course, or once they graduated

// scholarships: support young talents educational paths through an economic or technical contribution

// company visits and presentations: represent excellent business processes and case history, sharing with future designers the chronicles of success

// events, conferences, seminars, exhibitions: co-design, project and actively take part in the various thematic events organized annually

// training courses: updating and developing your staff with funded and non-funded courses, using the tools of the creative process and the design methodology

// national and international tenders: relying on an organized network of contacts and multidisciplinary teams of experts, to participate in national and European calls

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Accademia Poliarte

Three-year first-level Academic Diploma courses equivalent to a degree authorized by MIUR (Ministry of University and Research) with Ministerial Decree n. 623 of 05/08/2016


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